iOS 7 or Windows 8? Which Platform is Best Suited For You?

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To cut things shorter on a quick look with these operating systems, it is clear that iOS knows exactly what they are doing. Being around for way longer than mobile Windows platform, they know and have developed their operating system to suit almost anybody who gets to own iDevices. On the other hand, Windows operating system for mobile devices isn?t getting too much attention and is actually ditched by a number of phone makers except for Nokia (which was purchased by Microsoft). All these do not necessarily mean that you shouldn?t consider the latter OS. Windows 8 is also a good option and has key features which can be well-suited for certain smartphone users.


iOS 7 performs differently from iDevice to iDevice. This is understandable, but this isn?t a bad thing either. Clearly enough, you get what you pay for. On Windows phones however, specifically with Nokia handsets under the Lumia lineup, most of them feels the same when navigating. Yes, there are some key differences with their higher tiered devices like a better camera, bigger screen etc.

Choice of Apps

Clearly, in this part, iOS takes the biggest cake. Maybe all of the cake even. They have been around for too long with almost a million ?apps of all sorts available on iTunes.?You can never go wrong with iOS 7 devices. Compare it to Windows 8 apps at not more than 200,000. Figures aren?t that much of an importance as you don?t have to install every single one of them, but there are a handful of popular key apps like Instagram, Dropbox, etc. that aren?t built to work in Windows 8 Phones.

Look, Feel and Features

To put it in simple words, if you?re after deep customization, like Android, you might want to lean on Windows 8 platforms. It also sports a very similar interface like Windows 8 for PCs so in an aesthetic sense, it might be a bit ?fancier? than other mobile OS including iOS 7. (Of course, not without jailbreak apps). Windows 8 also supports multi-core processors, way higher resolution screens and microSD cards. This does not necessarily mean that iOS 7 is behind the race in this department though. Apple made sure that they were able to integrate a huge number of graphical and interface tweaks to iOS 7 and ?its future releases that is easy on the eyes and a huge step from their previous versions.


Both operating systems have their own pros and cons, but it is no doubt that they both are excellent operating systems for your smartphone. This all boils down to one thing and it is about personal preferences.

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