iOS 7.1 for iPhone & iPad Brings Bug Fixes & New Treats

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iOS 7.1 for iPhone & iPad Brings Bug Fixes & New Treats


The latest in iOS updates for iPads, iPod Touch and iPhones ? iOS 7.1 ? has arrived and many Apple users are wondering what this new update brings to their gadgets.

In a nutshell, the latest iOS update brings with it some fixes for bugs, a bit of tweaking with the user interface, and some new treats for your device.

iOS 7.1 is a welcome arrival, just barely six months since the extreme makeover the iOS 7 update dished out. This version is a match for pretty much all surviving Apple smartphones from the iPhone 4 to the latest models. It is also compatible with the iPad 2 up and the 5th gen of the iPod Touch.


So now that you know that your device is ready for iOS 7.1, how do you get it?

Easy. Just upgrade over Wifi or other over the air connections by going to the ?General? section of your device and proceeding to ?Software Update?.

That simple.

But, if you want to know what is in store with iOS 7.1 before you upgrade, here is a brief overview.

Aside from bug fixes and a bit of change in the interface, the update brings with it some new treats:

  • Touch ID fix ? the reader for biometrics has been improved to enhance fingerprint recognition.
  • Siri fix ? improvements on Siri as well as voices that are natural sounding (for Aus English, UK English, Mandarin Chinese, and Japanese). Enabling the Home button to activate ?push to talk? mode.
  • iTunes Radio ? updates the radio feature which includes the ability to purchase albums from ?Now Playing? over the air.
  • Camera ? improvements on settings especially for iPhone 5 users. Enables automatic HDR mode.
  • CarPlay ? used to be known as ?iOS in the Car?, this tool enables the iPhone to make calls and send messages, activate music and maps, using the compatible auto system just launched by Apple and selected car manufacturers (see our post on ?CarPlay: The iPhone Experience In Your Car? at )
  • Calendar ? returns the ?List? view in the month view. Updates holidays that are specific for many countries.
  • Parallax ? The ?Perspective Zoom? background or wallpapers as Apple calls it, has been tweaked to include Weather, Messages and other animated images. But more important, it has installed an ?off? button for those who do not like it ( a number of people were reportedly annoyed by this feature).


So there you are.

Tech pundits warn that updating may be a bit slow in the coming days due to the large volume of people who are performing the update. Also, the update is a pretty large file so you might want to do it over Wifi instead of a data network.

Make sure to have adequate space to contain the update files. You may need to delete some unwanted ?load? to make way for iOS 7.1

After all, if we are to believe the reports, it is worth it.


Video: What’s New in iOS 7.1 (iTwe4kz / YouTube)

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