Siri Will Include iCloud Integration and Contextual Learning on iOS 11

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iOS 11 Siri will include iCloud integration and contextual learning

Siri is a very handy tool for anyone who uses an iOS device. However, at the moment, Apple’s digital assistant is still lacking in features and is somewhat limited in what it can do. For the most part, it can set timers, alarms, and appointments, and even make reservations or simple web searches. Unfortunately, it does not offer a lot when it comes to machine learning. Recent reports reveal though, that Siri will get a much needed upgrade on Apple’s next iOS, the iOS 11.

According to an Israeli site The Verifier, Apple is working on integrating Siri with the iOS messaging app. This integration will include improved machine learning; even exhibiting contextual learning based on the flow of the conversation.

For instance, say you and your friend are talking about seeing a movie. On iOS 11, Siri will be able to pick that up and make suggestions on what movie to watch.

iOS 11 Siri will include iCloud integration and contextual learning

Apple patent for Siri contextual learning (via

In addition to contextual learning on iMessage, Siri will also feature deeper integration with Apple’s iCloud service. In the said report, Siri on iOS 11 will be able to identify the relationships between Apple devices under one iCloud account. Based on this connection, Siri will be able to suggest actions that will then be reflected to all the iCloud connected devices.

The report claims that these new features will be included in the upcoming iOS 11. However, it did not present any evidence to support the claims. It should be noted that the contextual learning part of Siri has been patented by Apple previously. The report could be pertaining to the same Apple patent involving machine learning and Siri.

For now, there is no easy way of verifying the validity of these claims. However, Apple is set to release iOS 11 in less than three months. Although on release, the version of iOS 11 will only be for developers and will not be suitable for everyday use. Apple will hold its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in June. Then in September, the Cupertino tech-giant will official release the iOS 11 together with the new iPhone 8, 7s and 7s Plus. For more updates on iOS 11, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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