iOS 11 Release Date, Supported Devices & Features To Expect From WWDC 2017 Announcement

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ios 11 release date
PHOTOGRAPH: YouTube/MyApple | Jacek Zieba’s iOS 11 concept.

Ten years since the launch of the first iPhone, Apple is set to reveal the latest iteration of its smartphone and iPad operating system, iOS 11. The tech giant is expected to pull its curtain officially at this year’s World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) on Monday, June 5. While waiting for Apple’s keynote speech, we rounded up below everything we know about Apple’s newest mobile OS including the iOS 11 release date, features, and supported devices.

iOS 11 Release Date

The final version of iOS 11 should be available in September, hopefully at the same time as the launch of the iPhone 8, though it’s rumored to actually ship in October. Regardless, Apple will likely roll out some form of developers beta version at the conference tomorrow, followed by a public beta in July.

There should be several versions of the beta over the course of three months before the public release in fall and, so far, there are no indications that the iOS 11 release will fall behind schedule.

 iOS 11 Features

Select features should be confirmed at WWDC 2017, but here are the rumored ones that will likely be included in the latest iOS version:

  • New Automation App.  The brand new Automator app will replace the Home app. It’ll be based on Workflow, which Apple recently acquired, and will feature heavy iCloud integration as well.
  • Group Facetime. This is a requested group chat feature, similar to Hangouts and Skype, that should be coming to FaceTime. The update will allow up to five users join a single call at the same time. Rumors have it that Apple may turn Facetime into a dedicated app, so it could also add filters in the same way Snapchat has.
  • FaceTime Audio as default calling for iPhones. If you are calling an iPhone user, it will be a FaceTime Audio call by default. Currently, FaceTime Audio uses less than 1MB of data per every minute of calling. Any voice calls with non-Apple device users would fall back to the cellular voice network.
  • Person-to-person Apple Pay. Apple’s digital payments platform is expected to support peer-to-peer payments. Similar to Google Wallet or Venmo, iOS 11 will now allow sending money to friends, or use an Apple Pay iMessage extension to transfer cash to chat partners asynchronously.
  • Intelligent Low Power Mode. iOS’s battery-saving feature now has the ability to monitor one’s usage habits, location, and connectivity, disabling sensors and background apps to save power as needed. It could also conserve battery when you’re home Wi-Fi network’s out of range, for example, or when your handset’s battery falls below 20 percent charge.
  • Siri updates. Siri will communicate more naturally and be embedded in the Messages app. In combination with the company’s heavy investments in machine learning, this could make its voice assistant more powerful than ever, able to carry out a wider range of tasks.
  • In-camera Augmented Reality Features. iOS 11-running devices will recognize objects or people in images and suggest an appropriate action. For example, if you take a photo of a famous landmark, the device would show you search results containing historical information about the place.

Other potential iOS 11 enhancements include a power-saving Dark Mode, a sleep-tracking app, a beefed-up version of Apple’s social Clips app, and a messaging menu that’ll tie in conversations from email, SMS, and social networking apps.

iOS 11 Eligible Devices

There have been reports that it Apple is dropping support for 32-bit apps altogether with iOS 11. That could mean the end of support for 32-bit devices too, which suggests the iPhone 5 and fourth-generation iPad could lose iOS compatibility this year. The iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s may not make it to the cut as well.

Other retired handsets with iOS 10 compatibility, including the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air, and iPad Air 2, should all be compatible with the newest version, alongside the current models on the market. Check out the entire list below:

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