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iOS 10 vs Android N: Which Is The Better Software?

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iOS 10 vs Android N
Android N is better than iOS 10

Apple has just announced its latest iOS 10 at the Worldwide Developers Conference. Google announced Android N in May during its I/O event. It seems Apple is still far behind Google in terms of new features.

Google?s Android N is packed with revolutionary features like ?Google Assistant? and ?VR Mode?. ?On the other hand, Apple?s iOS 10 is mainly about the Siri update and improved looks. Siri has received major updates. With an improved interface, it will understand command easier and more accurately.

Apple has updated its map after such a long time. Although Apple has made significant changes in its map, Google is still better than Apple. Moreover, other changes like ?faces and places? and voicemail are already there in Android.

Google has also updated its digital assistant. Google assistant will be available in two variants, ?Allo? and ?Google Home?. Allo is a mobile phone app and will work quite similar to Apple?s Siri. Google Home uses a new kind of speaker. It can manage your daily routine and extracts information and media from the internet. Apple is rumored to be working on similar product.

Multiwindow is another useful app that is available in Android N. With this app, the users can perform two different tasks at a time. It shows two apps in a split screen. It is another big advantage of Android over Apple.

Google has also updated ?Doze? in Android N. Doze halts background applications when the device is not in use. The updated app will work while the phone is in motion. On the other hand, the earlier version acts only if the phone is not in motion.

Overall, Apple has made notable changes in iOS 10, but Android is still better. Google has extended its I/O event, so there are chances that Android fans may receive more updates.

Extended I/O is going to start in few hours. Live coverage is available on Google?s website. Click here to watch live streaming of an event.

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