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iOS 10 Unlocking System: A Not So Clever Way of Unlocking Draws Criticism

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If you have been using the iPhone device for a long time, you may be familiar with the latest changes the iOS 10 has brought along. According to Yahoo, this specific change has been more on the downside rather than the usual highly anticipated artistic change. The report says that the new feature is about the phone?s unlocking system, wherein you need to press home in order to unlock the device and again press the home button to open the device.

The latest ?innovation?, if you can call it that, has brought so much criticism as it directly contradicts the easier way of sliding the screen from left to right in order to unlock the device; and yes, it was as simple as that. One can immediately recognize the 1,2 gesture in the iPhone device by just merely looking at the screen where you can see two buttons that suggests there is another prompt following the first one.

It?s not practical, and it?s definitely not something special. In fact, the nuisance of having to press two buttons instead of just sliding the screen takes up time and patience.

A Redditor featured on Mac Rumors said ?Love the raise to wake. Love the new camera swipe. Widgets are just clunky and not useful for me… Never really used them before, but maybe this will cause some more innovation in the widgets. I absolutely and completely loathe the “press home to unlock” thing. My absolute favorite thing about Touch ID was that I could just lay my finger on my home button and unlock it (if it were already awake). If this were combined with the raise to wake feature. I could effectively eliminate the need for my home button. That would be fantastic. I know it’s a beta – and a developer beta at that – and I am just hoping that they will make it optional or improve it somehow. If not, I think I would be content on iOS 9 for a while longer.?

Fortunately, the iOS 10 unlocking system on the iPhone device is currently in its beta mode. Meaning there?s a chance that it?s going to happen, or not if registered users will petition against it. Have you tried the iOS 10 unlocking system lately? What do you think of it? Or more updates on this news, check on the

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