iOS 10 Jailbreak Possible; New Security Flaw Much Easier To Exploit

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iOS 10 jailbreak may come soon. An independent digital forensics company has claimed that the new iOS 10 security feature is much easier to exploit than its predecessor. According to Elcomsoft, its team of digital forensics specialists was able to bypass certain security checks on the iOS 10.

In the new operating system, Apple introduced a new level of authentication that works in conjunction with the older version of authentication. This new version works a lot faster than the old one. Unfortunately, this made it more susceptible to exploits as it bypasses certain security checks.

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In the test conducted by Elcomsoft, its team managed to input around six million different passwords per second with its mobile phone breaker software. In comparison to the older iOS 9, this is 2,500 times faster. On the iOS 9, Elcomsoft?s breaker software managed to only input 2,400 passwords per second.

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Although Elcomsoft clarified that this hack only works on local iTunes backup, this could still pose a huge risk to users. Once the account has been hacked, hackers will be able to gain access all of the information on the backup data. This includes personal information, bank details, and even a user?s Keychain Access.

iOS 10 Security

Keychain Access is Apple?s system-wide information repository. It contains usernames and passwords for websites that are commonly visited by a user. It also stores other pertinent information about a user like phone number, email addresses, and bank details.

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Apple has acknowledge the report made by Elcomsoft. The Cupertino tech giant released a statement saying that it will address the issue on the next software update. The company also suggested that users keep their Macs and iPhones protected by strong passwords. For those using Mac computers, the macOS Sierra, like its predecessors, offer an additional security feature. The FileVault feature offers a disk-wide data encryption to its users.

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FileVault works by using a login password to encrypt the entire disk. In the absence of a login password, FileVault automatically generates a recovery key. A word of caution though, using FileVault comes with a very important disclaimer. If a user forgets his password or recovery key, FileVault will wipe out all of the data on the computer?s hard drive.

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