iOS 10 Jailbreak Update: Pangu Beaten By Another Developer In Releasing Jailbreak

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For quite some time already, Apple device users have been waiting for hackers to release an iOS 10 Jailbreak. Although there are reports that cracking the system is an impossible task to do, it seems like someone has finally done it.

Consumers got used to downloading the Apple app through jailbreak weeks after the system is released. Pangu is the most famous hacker that had cracked the system for years. But this time, it is clearly a different case as the hackers have not yet released any information about them cracking down the OS.

The reason behind all these is that Apple?s strengthened efforts to secure the OS from hackers like Pangu. As a result, there are rumors that Pangu has already given up in cracking the code and would just have to wait for someone to release it. Now, they will not be disappointed as some sources finally demonstrated how to crack iOS 10 and 10.1.1.

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According to WCCF Tech, some hackers already released information about an iOS 10 Jailbreak. But, these people mentioned that the software is not available for public use yet. The software is said to be not stable yet which is the main reason why they cannot release it to the public.

This statement will give the idea that these hackers will soon make it available for everyone. However, they clarified that they cannot make a promise that the software will be launched for public use. Another reason is that if they do, Apple will be quick to find a solution and will overhaul the jailbreak software.

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Meanwhile, another team named Unlock-Jailbreak team claims that they have successfully cracked the OS down. According to their official statement, the software is way better than the ones developed by Pangu. It is as well safe and will not cause any damage to user?s device.

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On a downside, they have not posted any details yet about the software and how to download and use it on Apple devices. This is the reason why consumers are doubtful of their claims. For now, the only thing users can do is wait for their official announcement about details on the jailbreak software.

How about you? Do you think it is really impossible for hackers to develop an iOS 10 Jailbreak? Or, do you believe that it will come out sometime soon? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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