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iOS 10 Jailbreak Tweaks: Release Date Delayed As Pangu Makes Changes In Tools?

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iOS 10 Jailbreak

Many people, in the iOS jailbreak community, are anxious for the arrival of the iOS 10 jailbreak tool. So far though, the wait has been a long one with no end in sight. This comes as a result of the apparent difficulty faced by the prominent jailbreak developers. It appears that the wait for the iOS 10 jailbreak tool will continue as Pangu is said to be still working on getting it done.

Team Pangu is certainly one of the more well-known developers in the iOS jailbreak community. They have been able to release an iOS jailbreak tool for the previous version of the mobile OS which have given them much acclaim. They were even able to hack the beta version of the iOS 10 which made everyone think that an iOS 10 jailbreak tool will not be a problem for them.

iOS 10 Jailbreak Release Delayed Again?

Well, it appears that Apple has made that task very difficult for them as there is still no iOS 10 jailbreak tool from Pangu until now. According to Enstarz, Pangu is continuing to work hard on cracking the iOS 10 and hopefully releasing a jailbreak tool soon. The same report cites that a December 2016 is likely which should give iOS jailbreak fans some hope.

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Apple Fighting iOS 10 Jailbreak

The same report though does state that Apple may continue to patch up vulnerabilities in the iOS 10, which could make it very problematic for Team Pangu. This would mean that they would constantly have to work in trying to find the gaps in the iOS 10 that they can take advantage of.

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So far, the entire thing seems like a cat and mouse chase between Apple and Team Pangu. If their track record is any indication, the latter will likely be able to find cracks in the iOS 10 before long. It could be some time though until they are finally able to launch the jailbreak tool so fans should just hang tight in the meantime.

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