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iOS 10 Jailbreak Tool i0n1c Release Update: Team Still Unsuccessful In Cracking iOS 10

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iOS 10 Jailbreak

The iOS 10 Jailbreak tool is something countless tech fans have been waiting for. The jailbreak tool for Apple?s latest mobile OS has been very elusive as there has been no clear indication as to when it will become available. This is the very reason why there are countless people searching for any update on the iOS 10 jailbreak tool.

Certainly one of the foremost iOS jailbreak developers is team i0n1c. The team has released several jailbreak tools for previous versions of the iOS. This has made them a very reputable team in the iOS jailbreak community.

With their very positive reputation, many have been expected team i0n1c to finally be able to release an iOS 10 jailbreak tool. Unfortunately, it appears that it is a very daunting task for the team.

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No iOS 10 Jailbreak Tool Yet

According to the Team i0n1c website, there are no full jailbreak tools available yet for the iOS 10 until iOS 10.0.3. This has certainly disappointed many jailbreak fans as countless were optimistic that a jailbreak tool will become available for the latest OS.

While there is currently no complete jailbreak tool for the iOS 10, Team i0n1c has mentioned that users can install Cydia on iOS 10-iOS 10.0.0 on their devices using the Safari partial jailbreak. It is currently called pre jailbreak and is was developed in collaboration with Team TaiG.

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iOS 10 Pre Jailbreak

The iOS 10 pre jailbreak is certainly the best thing that jailbreak fans have at the moment. While it may not be perfect, it is certainly better than not having anything at all.

Surely, Team i0n1c is continuing to find ways to try and crack Apple?s iOS 10. The release of the iOS 10.1.1 though is certainly making it difficult for jailbreak developers to find vulnerabilities in the OS.

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Team i0n1c has been able to crack previous versions of the iOS so it may only be a matter of time before the iOS 10 jailbreak is complete. Be sure to just check back here soon to find out more news and updates on the iOS 10 jailbreak tool from Team i0n1c as well as on other trending news in the world of tech.

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