iOS 10 Jailbreak Is Here! Is It Reliable?

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For quite some time, consumers have been waiting for Pangu to release the iOS 10 Jailbreak tool. Obviously, they have been disappointed over and over again as release dates of the jailbreak turned out be false. But, recent news states that it is already available, and it comes from another hacking team.

After months of waiting, it seems like the iOS 10 Jailbreak is finally here. According to Mobipicker, a group of hackers called Unlock-Jailbreak team has successfully worked around Apple?s latest operating system. They even mentioned that it is way better than the ones developed by Pangu.

Aside from being better, the group then shared that their version of jailbreak tool is as well safe and will not cause any harm to consumer?s device. However, they also advised each users to take precautionary steps, especially those who are not technically well-equipped, before trying the jailbreak.

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Now, after downloading the jailbreak into your devices, you will still enjoy the usual benefits of the iOS 10 Jailbreak. But not only that, because are also going to have additional perks, said the hackers. Aside from the access to Cydia, consumers will be able to use SIM cards from any network providers in their supposedly locked devices.

Meanwhile, it seems like it is already the end for Pangu. Rumors state that the team is really having a hard time cracking the operating system because of its enhanced security features. Also, the updates 10.0.1 and 10.0.2 have kept the team two steps behind preventing them to break the OS.

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Also, another hacker team TaiG seems to have given up as well. Both groups have been very open about their progress on jailbreaking Apple?s operating systems. They usually confirmed it two to three weeks after the initial release of the OS, but their silence somehow suggests?that they indeed cannot crack the system.

As a result, there are speculations that they have already stopped trying. Should that be the case, then consumers can expect Pangu and TaiG to be edged by the new Unlock-Jailbreak team. How about you? Do you think it is really impossible to develop an iOS 10 Jailbreak? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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