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iOS 10 Jailbreak Release Not Coming As Apple Makes It Harder For Devs

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iOS 10 Jailbreak
iOS 10 Jailbreak

Apple is working on the new iOS 10, and so are jailbreak developers. The company is taking new measures to stop jailbreaking, and this could affect the release of iOS 10 jailbreak tool.

Back in July, the Pangu team successfully demonstrated its jailbreak tool for iOS 10 during the Mobile Security Conference (MOSEC) held in Shanghai. By that time, it was speculated that the launch of the jailbreak tool will launch soon after its release. However, things are quite different now.

Soon after the launch of iOS 9.3.3, Apple realized the weakness of their operating system and fixed it in the 9.3.4 update. However, earlier it was speculated that 9.3.3 is the last version of iOS 9.3, Apple released a new update to restrict the jailbreak. Clearly, the company is serious about jailbreaks and will take strict actions for the future.

Moreover, it took more than a half-year for the developers to jailbreak iOS 9.3, and it is still in semi-tethered state. The users have to relaunch the jailbreak every time they reboot their device. The Pangu team has already denied to launch the untethered version. If team Pangu finds it hard to create a stable jailbreak, then it is difficult for any other team to jailbreak the device, reported MobiPicker.

Meanwhile, there are several fake jailbreak tools for iOS 9.3.4 circulating on the internet. Readers are advised not to download tools as these tools contain malware. These tools do not work and cause damage to the device.

For the hardcore jailbreak fans, it is better to stay on iOS 9.3.3 and wait for Pangu to release the new jailbreak. Apple is expected to release iOS 10 in september.

For those who have updated to iOS 9.3.4, one is still able to downgrade to iOS 9.3.3. Although Apple is still signing iOS 9.3.3, they can stop it in the upcoming future.

Watch the video below on how to downgrade to iOS 9.3.3 and jailbreak your iOS device.

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