iOS 10 Jailbreak: Pangu Finally Releasing the Tool in December?

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Despite rumors that Pangu has already given up on developing an iOS 10 Jailbreak, recent rumors claim that the hackers finally did it. As for its release, it will be arriving before the year ends. How true is that?

Apple users have been waiting for Pangu to release the jailbreak for iOS 10 for quite some time already. For weeks, they have been disappointed as well for receiving false news about the possible launch of the JB. However, a good news recently surfaced online. It is claiming that Pangu has finally cracked the system down and will release the tool next month.

According to reports, Pangu will release the jailbreak tool in December before Apple even launches the 10.2 update. Reports state that Apple is now testing the iOS update already and is planning to make it available next month. It will?bring major bug fixes and security updates, said claims. If Pangu would wait for it to be released first before releasing their jailbreak tool, they would go back to the drawing board again.

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However, other iOS 10 Jailbreak rumors state that Pangu will not release the tool until the launch of iOS 10.2. There are claims that the hackers are really waiting for the system to roll out before they give the tool to the public. It is because they are now developing a much stronger tool that could go through the update.

On a bad note, these are just rumors that Pangu has not confirmed yet. But, if they would release the tool before 2016 ends, it is indeed a great gift for Apple users.

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Pangu has been quiet for a long time, which resulted to speculations that the team has given up cracking the iOS 10 down. There are even other hacker teams surfacing on the internet claiming that they have managed to develop the jailbreak tool for the system.

However, these teams have not disclosed any information on how the public can have their hands on it. As a result, a bunch of Apple users believed that these hackers are just toying with them to get them all excited. For now, users should just wait for the iOS 10 Jailbreak to be officially released. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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