iOS 10 Jailbreak News: Public Beta Releasing Soon?

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iOS 10 jailbreak release
iOS 10 jailbreak release

Apple?s upcoming iOS 10 is available to the company’s registered developers. Recent reports claim that it has already been jailbroken. It is good news for those who are waiting for jailbreak tool for more than six months. The Apple users may soon get iOS 10 and its jailbreak.

A renowned hacker and Twitter user, iH8sn0w has claimed that he has successfully achieved the jailbreak tool for iOS 10. He has posted a video on Youtube, in which he has demonstrated his jailbreak tool. In the video, the hacker shows a jailbroken iPhone 5 running on iOS 10.

However, he has not released a statement regarding the release of jailbreak app, but his video has raised the hopes of the release of jailbreak. Meanwhile, 3u Tools has reported that Pangu is going to conduct an event on July 1. Pangu has sent invitations to a handful of security researchers and hackers. There are chances that Pangu can release its jailbreak tool at the upcoming event.

Moreover, there are chances that iH8sn0w can join the Pangu team during the event. iH8sn0w is somehow connected to Pangu. Back in October 2015, when Pangu released its jailbreak for iOS 9, they mentioned his name in their tweet. The name of another famous hacker Luca Todesco aka Qwertyoruiop also appeared in the tweet.

Meanwhile, there are also news about the release of iOS 9.3. Luca Todesco has claimed that he has successfully bypassed the iOS 9.3. He posted an image on Twitter, but he refused to release it publicly.

Recently, the GSMagic team has also claimed to be working on a jailbreak tool, and they were quite confident about their jailbreak tool.

So, those who are waiting for a jailbreak tool could wait for its release. Maybe the next jailbreak tool would be available for both iOS 9.3 and 10. Even though the jailbreak tool releases, we recommend to our readers to verify if it the tools are from reliable sources.

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