iOS 10 Jailbreak Download: Hacker Says It’s Possible Soon

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iOS 10 JB Tool Pangu
iOS 10 jailbreak possible

Apple?s iOS 10 upgrade has officially gone public and the jailbreaking community is already anticipating a jailbreak tool (JB) for the iOS 10.0.1 Gold Master edition. A renowned Apple iOS hacker says it is indeed possible to jailbreak the latest iOS 10 edition.

The hacker, Luca Todesco who also goes by username qwertyoruiop, confirmed that jailbreaking is possible for the iOS 10. Todesco even published a YouTube video demonstrating a jailbroken iOS 10 on Apple?s 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

The mere 44-second clip published September 5 has Tudesco showing his progress on an iOS 10 beta 8 installed on 64-bit device. The jailbreak dubbed ?yaluX? runs through a sideloaded app.

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Tudesco unlikely to release Jailbreak Tool

Despite his jailbreak demonstration, Todesco is unlikely to release an iOS 10 JB Tool. The hacker is known for keeping his hacking skills private. He has not yet made any public release of a jailbreak tool. Since jailbreaking is illegal and with Apple tightening noose around such hackers, his position seems quite understandable.

Another reason that Todesco may not go for public jailbreak is that the untethered method he uses is still a bit problematic. He told the jailbreak community that after successfully loading Cydia, it crashed more often.

Besides, Apple finalized the iOS 10 update with the 10.0.1 Gold Master edition. This would make it impossible to use the same exploits since the tech giant quickly fixes its security holes.

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Pangu Team to release iOS Jailbreak Tool

However, the jailbreak community need not despair. The Chinese hacking Team Pangu can be expected to release a jailbreak tool. The hacking group was historically the first ones to come up with the fresh jailbreak tools for iOS 8 and iOS 9. In fact, their jailbreaks were released within a month of Apple?s public release of its iOS.

iOS 10 Pangu Jailbreak

iOS 10 Pangu Jailbreak

This time around, excited jailbreaking fans expect a tool rather sooner than later. The Team Pangu had a headstart in cracking open the iOS 10 just a few days after the official unveiling of the latest iOS at the WWDC. Pangu demonstrated the successful installation of Cydia on an iOS 10 device during their MOSEC conference back in July.

Speculations have been high since then that an iOS 10 jailbreak might be coming soon as early as September. However, a more reliable ?iOS 10 release date would be between October 15-20 to coincide with Pangu?s past JB tool releases.

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