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iOS 10 Jailbreak Download Coming Soon?

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iOS 10 Jailbreak

Apple recently released the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus to the delight of many iPhone fans. While the spotlight is definitely on Apple?s latest flagship smartphones, many iOS device users were given a treat as well. This comes in the form of the much awaited iOS 10. Now that the iOS 10 is finally available, the next thing that tech savvy consumers are going to be waiting for is the iOS 10 jailbreak.

There are several developers in the iOS jailbreaking community that are considered to be the best and Pangu is certainly one of them. The group of developers have always found a way to jailbreak previous versions of iOS to the delight of many consumers who are using jailbroken iOS devices. Now the most recent challenge for the group is certainly how to jailbreak the iOS 10.

It is certainly not impossible for Pangu to do this as the group has previously claimed to have successfully jailbroken a beta version of the iOS 10. According to BGR, the group was able to give a presentation during the previously held Mobile Security Conference or MOSEC which showed a slide of Cydia installed on the iOS 10.

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If you are new to the jailbreaking scene, Cydia is actually the equivalent to the Apple App Store. This means that it can only be installed on an iOS device which has already been jailbroken.

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While the early success for Pangu gave the group a lot of recognition, it may be possible that Apple has found ways to fix holes in the iOS 10. Until now, Pangu has not yet released an iOS 10 jailbreak tool and it is clearly going to be a tough task for the group. This is especially true with Apple already releasing iOS 10.0.1 recently.

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Still, Pangu has found a way to jailbreak previous iOS version time and again. That means that there is definitely a strong chance that they do it again and release an iOS 10 jailbreak tool very soon. Fans will just have to be patient as Apple may have made things a lot more challenging this time around.

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Be sure to check back here soon for more news and updates on the iOS 10 jailbreak as well as on other trending topics in the world of tech.

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