iOS 10 Features: 10 Things You Should Know About The New OS

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iOS 10 upgrade

Apple just released the new iOS 10 to the public a couple of days ago. With this, fans and users of Apple mobile devices can enjoy new features for free. TheBitBag has come up with a list of the top ten best new features of iOS 10.

For those who are still thinking of getting the new operating system from Apple, think fast. Apple just made its new iOS available to the masses and here is the top ten reasons why you should upgrade.

Close all tabs in Safari

For those who just keep on accumulating tabs on Safari, the new iOS now features an option to close all the opened tabs. Users need not close them one-by-one anymore.

Messages now feature low-quality mode for images

Every now and then, users tend to overuse their data usage when sending photos. And when it matters most, that is when they find out that they ran out of data. This new feature enables users to send low-quality images and save on precious data.

Low-quality Image

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Grouped notifications

The notifications area has been revamped on iOS 10. Users can now easily delete notifications as they are now grouped per day. No need to scroll through each and every one of them anymore.

3D touch notifications

With the new iOS, users can now interact with notifications using 3D touch. Send replies to messages without changing applications.

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Voicemail transcription

Personal assistants are quite indispensable especially for busy executives. They answer emails, take calls and set one?s schedule. For those who cannot afford to get a personal assistant, iOS can at least transcribe your voicemails for you. Users can preview their voicemail before actually opening them.

Voicemail Transcription in iOS 10

Flashlight brightness

Need to find something in the dark but you do not want to be that obvious? Now users can select three brightness presets for the flashlight app.

iOS 10 Flashlight

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Doodle on your images

Just like Snapchat, the Photo app now gives users the ability to doodle on their images. To add that personal touch to photos, sketching a few cute lines here and there has never been easier.

Send personalised hand-written messages

New on iOS 10, the messaging app can now send hand-written messages. Turning the phone to landscape will automatically bring up the handwriting input when sending messages.

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Change the home button

For those who do not like pressing the home button to go to the home screen, the new iOS has a new option for you. Users can now ?rest? their fingers on the home button to open their phones. This reduces wear-and-tear on the home button and prolongs its life.

iOS 10 Home Button

Do selfies with Siri

Siri can now make it even easier for users to take selfies. All that needs to be done it to tell Siri to ?take a selfie?, and it will run the camera app. Of course, users still need to press the shutter button to take the actual photo.

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