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iOS 10: Best Features You Should Be Excited About

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iOS 10

Apple fans have to be pretty excited about the iOS 10 because of its new features. According to The Times of India, Apple has officially unveiled the iOS 10 at its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2016 and early feedback has everybody buzzing.

Here are some of the top features found in the iOS 10 that you should be really excited about:

  • Redesigned Lock Screen -The iOS is capable of waking up the iPhone the moment it is picked it up. Lockscreen notifications have been refined as well, and are no longer dark or blurry.
  • Interactive Notifications – Notifications are now interactive, with real-time updates and enables direct replies. ?iOS 10 includes improved 3D Touch functionality of system apps.The Control Center has been redesigned as well. There is and an entirely ?dedicated music widget that can be accessed by simply swiping to the side.
  • Improved Siri – Siri’s feature will also hit the iOS 10. Siri can now be used to send text messages via Slack, initiate Skype and Vonage voice calls, authenticate transactions. The API has been opened up to developers, making it possible to integrate the voice assistant functionality into third party apps.
  • Apple Mail – Another feature to check out is Apple Mail ?it is very similar to those found in Gmail, Outlook, and other modern email apps, ?and even now has a dedicated unsubscribe button for the newsletters you get. Provided that the Mail can identify it as a newsletter, you also have the option to unsubscribe without ?even the need of clicking a link or setting up a filter.
  • Other Hidden FeaturesLifeHacker ?however claims that there are other features that weren?t announced in the Developers Conference. There are other hidden features that will certainly pique the interest of iOS users. One of the ?one of the weirder updates include a ??Wake Alarm? setting on top of the normal alarm clock there?s now a clock featured by iOS 10 that tells you when it is time to hit the sack. ?You can make use of it by setting up how much sleep you want to get, and when you want to wake up.

So, what features of the iOS 10 are you most excited about? Be sure to hit us up in the comments field below and be sure to check back for more news and updates on the iOS 10 as well as other great smartphones releasing soon.


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