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iOS 10 Battery Draining, Slow Performance Issues; Should You Upgrade?

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iOS 10 Release Date

Apple has released iOS 10, the latest version of its operating system for iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch devices. Some users who have already installed the new OS have complained that their devices are suffering from battery draining problems and sluggish performance.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook had described iOS 10 as ?biggest update yet? during the launch event of iPhone 7 on Sept. 7. It comes with plenty of enhancements to Siri, revamped lockscreen widgets, new emojis and animations for iMessage, home automation app and many more.

When the update was made live, users were unable to install it over Wi-Fi. Hence, users had to connect their devices to PC or Mac through USB. The issue was resolved quickly and the iOS 10 is now available for download without any glitches.

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iOS 10 release date

iOS 10 release date

iOS 10 Battery Draining Problem

After installing iOS 10, some users have complained about battery draining issue. One of the reasons why an iDevice can suffer from such an issue after installing the new update is that the apps that are present on the device automatically updates to take advantage of iOS 10 features.

Another reason could be that an iDevice goes through re-indexing process after installing the new update. Various kinds of items such as phone contacts, app data that can be searched on the iDevice by using Spotlight are re-indexed by iOS 10.

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Moreover, the new Photos app comes with a new feature called Memories that shows animated slideshows of the photos present on the device. There are several processes going on in the background after the iOS 10 is installed that affects the battery life of the device.

Such background processes can also cause the phone to function sluggishly. So, iPhone users are likely to face battery draining and slow performance problems, but after a few days it will function normally.

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