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iOS 10.2 Jailbreak Download, Release News: It’s Probably Never Going To Happen

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Apple recently released an update to its system, the iOS 10.2. As a result, users are wanting to finally have their hands on the jailbreak of the OS. However, it seems like they should not expect the hackers to release it anymore for there are several proof that it may never happen at all.

For those who are not familiar with the term ?jailbreak?, it is the process of hacking an operating system to bypass its restrictions. Through this, users will also be able to install and download unapproved apps and features. These are the reasons why consumers want to jailbreak the latest OS of Apple.

However, there are several speculations that the jailbreak may never arrive. It is mainly because the Cupertino-based company has exerted so much effort to make its system impenetrable. Also, even the hackers seem to have given up cracking down the operating system.

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First, we have jailbreaker Luca Todesco. The hacker?s recent tweets are clear indications that making an iOS 10.2 Jailbreak is impossible. ?Rip jelbrek?,? said his tweet. He also added that the OS ?went on a bug killing spree.? These statements somehow suggest that cracking down the system is not just difficult, but indeed unfeasible.

The more popular Pangu, on the other hand, has remained silent for quite some time already. Ever since Apple released the iOS 10, users never heard anything from the hacker. There were first speculations that he was just waiting for Apple to release an update before releasing his jailbreak tool. However, we now have iOS 10.2 and clearly, the hacker has not released anything.

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As a result, rumors start to circulate online. There are claims that Pangu has already quit making jailbreaks for Apple?s iOS. Not because he just want to, but because it is impossible to penetrate the system and crack it down. On the other hand, there are some who still believe that Pangu will soon release a jailbreak tool. But, evidence of it happening is nowhere to be found.

How about you? Do you think hackers will still release an iOS 10 Jailbreak some time soon? Or, will it never arrive because of Apple?s efforts? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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