This investment asset surged during three major recessions

Here’s why you should invest in gold.

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Vaulted lets you buy and sell gold with ease.

  • Buy 99.99 percent pure and insured kilo gold bars manufactured and stored at the Royal Canadian Mint
  • This insured gold is protected from misplacements, theft, and losses
  • It is stored in heavily-protected vaults where the holdings are quarterly verified

Fueled by the energy crisis, the early 1980’s global recession lasted for nearly three years. This was a harrowing time for the US economy, leading to high unemployment rates and double digit inflation.

Then came the 2008 crash of the real estate industry caused by high delinquencies on subprime mortgages. This was fueled by years of risky mortgage offerings with easy terms to high-risk borrowers without due diligence. Mass unemployment, a shutdown of major banking conglomerates, and high inflation rates led to a full-blown recession that affected the world for years. 

At present, we are going through one of the worst pandemics in the modern world. It has affected finances, jobs, retirement, health, and peace of mind, and there is still no end in sight. The COVID-19 virus has also been a tough ride for millions of investors during the market crash that began at the onset of the pandemic in 2020. 

Despite three severe cases of recession due to different causes in the last 50 years, the price of gold surged and reached record-highs. There are several reasons why this might have happened. 

Gold, as a precious metal, has a universal global demand with limited supply and a hedge against inflation. Unlike government-issued fiat currencies like Dollars and Euro that are heavily susceptible to market manipulation and devaluation, gold is immune to such forces. As a tangible asset, gold is highly tradable in any part of the world. It is also known to be one of the best forms of compact value storage mediums. Similar to real estate, gold’s value has been historically known to appreciate over time, as well. At the same time, dealing in gold frees you from banking restrictions and failures.  

Investing in gold could also provide a buffer to your investment portfolio when stocks, bonds, and real estate depreciate in value during inevitable market cycles. However, you need to make sure that you only buy gold that is insured from theft and losses from sources that offer state-of-the-art storage vaults.

An Intuitive App for a Seamless Gold-Buying Experience

Vaulted allows you to buy 99.99 percent pure and insured kilo gold bars manufactured and stored at the Royal Canadian Mint, an ISO 90001:2000 certified refinery that is owned by the Canadian federal government. 

This insured gold is protected from misplacements, theft, and losses, and is stored in heavily-protected vaults where the holdings are quarterly verified. The mint is audited by the Government of Canada’s Office of the Auditor General.

Additionally, Vaulted is managed by an experienced team from the McAlvany Financial Group, which is also the owner of the reputed gold brokerage firm called International Collector Associates. The team has decades of experience in dealing with billions of dollars worth of precious metal transactions and is dedicated to offering seamless experiences with prompt resolutions to investment and app-related queries. 

How to Buy Gold on Vaulted

The signup process on Vaulted is very simple. You can create an account using basic details and link your checking account through their secure platform in order to transfer funds to your new Vaulted account. You may also manually link your bank account by presenting your driver’s license and copies of a recent bank statement to the Vaulted team. 

The fund transfer could take up to three business days. However, once completed, you’ll be able to buy gold by entering the amount you want to purchase on the app and confirming the order for immediate processing during market hours. Selling gold is as easy as buying on the app, where you have to mention the amount you want to sell in U.S. dollars and confirm the same for instantaneous processing during market hours. 

Vaulted charges 1.8 percent of the wholesale gold market price at the time of buying and selling gold through the app along with a 0.4 percent annual account maintenance fee. This fee is charged to develop and maintain an online system where there are no transaction holdovers or waiting periods. Regular auditing and security updates also exist to make the app more secure. 

You may also put in a request with the Vaulted team to get your holdings shipped to your doorstep via FedEx within a week. When you ship gold to your home, you won’t be paying the annual account maintenance fee. If you do so, though, we recommend making sure that you have a secure vault available to store your gold.