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Introducing The Smart Way Of Finding Your Dream Home

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Finding your dream home has always been stressful and a full time job until now. I remember the days when you would argue with your spouse on what neighborhood to waste your time driving around, and finally find that one ?open house? sign on the lawn. Next you get out of the car and of course it?s either the outside falling apart or an inside which kids or pets destroyed.? Personally visiting every block to find a new home is somewhat outdated.? You must have heard that today you can find an app for just about everything. So is there an app to find a new home? The answer is yes, has released a couple of apps that cover rentals and purchases for a new home. This app is the most productive which I?ve seen and ranks among the top. Here?s why:

  • Rentals:

The absolute best app for finding rental homes. If you are someone who is moving to a new place then this will take away the headache of finding a new rental home. One of the best features of this app is that it uses the built in GPS in your smart phone to give you location specific results. You can browse the homes according to your budget by using the budget filter and you can save the ones you like for further inspection. The unique way of saving the results with the help of tags on a map helps you in making better decisions.

  • Real Estate:

The kind of information that you need while renting a home and while purchasing a home differs significantly. There are other apps too that offer real estate services but they offer both rental and purchase services as if they can be handled the same. This will give you a lot of results, which means the headaches begin. The users will have to manually filter out the rentals. In the case of they offer a dedicated real estate app and lists only those properties that are up for sale. The app features a lot of filters that you can use to narrow down your search results. The app allows you to define your own filters so that you can get custom search results based on your preference. For example if you are looking for a pet friendly neighborhood then you can define this filter in the app interface and you will get the listings based upon this filter.

All other basic features seen on other apps like map based interface, GPS based listings, panoramic view of property and agent information are all available as well.

  • Mortgage Calculator:

Many people like myself don?t understand the complicated world of finance when it comes to purchasing a home. We just want to move in and offer a price to the owner. There mortgage rate calculator makes it very easy for someone like myself to get a good picture of what I can expect with my mortgage of a home. The mortgage calculator app from is designed in such a way that anyone can manage their finances with a minimum effort. The app allows you to calculate the total mortgage by factoring in different rates for the interest and loan term. This allows you to choose the best repayment plan. I?ve seen this feature before, but the fact that you can do it on your phone while on the go perhaps visiting an open house is what caught my eyes.

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