Introducing Tappy Chicken, Epic Games’ Version of a Flappy Bird Clone

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Epic Games, the creator behind Unreal Engine, is the latest studio joining the bandwagon as they are adding their clone of the massively popular Flappy Bird game. Their game is named Tappy Chicken and is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Tappy Chicken was made by only 1 game artist from the studio with no traditional programming skills and the game was built using the company?s Unreal Engine 4. The main purpose of releasing the game was to showcase the studio engine?s flexibility and usefulness for those who are interested in game development regardless of experience level. The game is also flexible enough to be extended and can be further modded by users using Unreal Engine 4?s Blueprint visual scripting.

The company released a statement saying: ?Tappy Chicken is the perfect showcase for the ease of use and flexibility of Unreal Engine 4.? The main point is the diversity that?s possible within the game. The company added: ?While it may not flex the full graphical muscle of the engine, it shows how almost anyone can make a fun and pretty game fit for mobile devices and web browsers.?

Epic isn?t stopping with just the Android and iOS versions though; they are currently working on a browser based version of the game that will be playable in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

Epic Games really want to push users to not only play the game but to also develop their own or mod their own versions of the game.

A list of features of the game include:

  • 2d style visuals with procedural level generation
  • Easy to understand, yet hard to master gameplay
  • Small, over the air download
  • Google Play leaderboards, achievements and AdMob support
  • Built Entirely with Blueprint visual scripting
  • Low system requirement
  • Easy to modify and extend
  • Code and content available through

Epic Games are the makers of popular games like the Infinity Blade series, Fortnite, and Unreal Tournament.

This new entry may possibly attract casual developers or regular people into trying out a game idea without having the fear of creating excessively long lines of codes or needing to invest a lot of time in learning standard programming languages.

Photo Source: Tappy Chicken Play Store

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