Into The Days Of Yore (Part 3)

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The days of the NES are coming to a close, and the bright sun rise of the SNES now shining. Just because I stopped playing the NES at that time doesn’t mean I have forgotten about it entirely. The same will happen to the SNES, PlayStation 2, XBOX, Game Cube, Wii, XBOX 360, and so forth. It is undeniable of this to happen to every gamer as a new generation is born and technology progresses. Now then, on with the article!

The rumors of the upcoming SNES spread like wild fire to every gamer across the US, and beyond. Better graphics, sound quality, memory usage, and let’s not forget a save feature in most of those SNES games too! No longer would we be writing on paper long strings of code in order to continue on should we decide to quit the game. The in-game save feature was one of the saving graces for that system, especially when it came to RPGs. Ah yes, I will talk about those RPGs soon enough! Now, the best deal for the SNES was the fact that it came with Super Mario World, and that was an astounding game at the time. Who can forget their first experience with such a great game? Yeah, I died a lot, but I still had fun with Yoshi eating my enemies. The level design was very interesting, because each level was unique depending on where you were in the game, and you could go back to those levels to find more secrets. Then along came a gal in a suit, with vengeance in mind and rockets ready…

Super Metroid! That’s all I need to say, really. You can not be a fan of the Metroid series without having to play this gem. Then and now, it is considered to be an all-time classic. Why? Well, let’s leave out the graphics on this one and talk about the other innovations, such as story line, bosses, and (as I mentioned for Super Mario World) level design. Innovations include the super dash which you can perform both vertical and horizontal. Wall-jumping was a tough skill, but it was smart to put that in there. You could use the grappling beam to not only swing from certain blocks, but also enemies! As for the bosses, each one had their own strategy and weaknesses. Making it tough to remember if you were playing on through the game more than once, and if you had the right weapon equipped to get the job done fast. For example, Kraid was a pain to fight since you had to be careful not to fall onto the spikes below, and dodge the claws coming out of his body. I found out the easy way of beating by using only rockets to hit his eye and then the mouth. Another one was that Phantasm in the abandoned space ship, where he would appear and disappear with flames surrounding him. Almost all the bosses, be it mini or big, were tough to beat. That my friends, was just a few examples of why this game is amazing. I could go on and on about it, but I need to continue with the main purpose of this article.

As I have mentioned before of talking about RPGs on the SNES, well here it is! Final Fantasy comes to mind right when I think of RPGs, which isn’t unusual since I grew up with the series since day one. The Final Fantasy for the SNES that stands out, is Final Fantasy 3, which is actually number 6 in the series. I really don’t have to explain myself of why that game is awesome, it just is. There was a “spin-off” Final Fantasy, called Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest. This game got mixed reviews, but I consider it to be a well made game and should be kept with the rest of the FF family. Secret of Mana was and still is a game to behold and set the bar of what a multi-player, offline should be about. Having fun with the variety of weapons, stages, and spells. The storyline was in-depth, and don’t tell me you didn’t feel a bit sad at the end of the game. Having to kill off the Mana Beast, thus ending all magical creatures existence. Another fantastic RPG would be Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Which not only had Mario team up with Bowser, but introduced new characters such as Gino and Mallow. Let’s not forget about the secret boss in that Monster Town, Culex. This is still to be an all-time classic, be it for the fans or myself.

What else made the SNES such a great system? The multi-player aspect had little mention, but is one of the best features the SNES had to offer. One such game took advantage of this, Super Bomber Man. Later on, Hudson added the multi-tap to add on 2 more players in the fray. You could power-up the bombs, become faster, and even kick’m towards your foe. I remember my bro and I staying up for hours on end with this game, along with Secret of Mana, since you can have another player join in. I have a lot of fond memories from the days of the SNES, and even more when the PlayStation came out, but that is for another time.

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