Into The Days Of Yore (part 2)

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This is part 2 of what influenced me, be it gaming and that era. Enjoy!

During the summer of ’88, there were so many NES titles coming out, it was hard keeping track of which ones were worth having. Luckily, I was into the RPGs and Action/Adventure games. Games such as Willow, Athena, Bionic Commando, Bubble Bobble… Bubble Bobble? Yeah! Now that was an interesting game for that time. Your characters were lizards that could spit out bubbles to stun/capture enemies. You had to collect fruit, candy, and other items to gain points. You know what? It seems like almost EVERY game back then had that theme. Collecting candy, fruit, and strange objects to gain points. It’s interesting that we rarely have that nowadays with this new generation of gaming. It would look childish, but hey, that’s what WE grew up with. Arkanoid was another game that had me addicted for a very long time. Man, it took me weeks just to beat, and even when I was done I played again! That and Castlevania 2, which my brother and I took turns playing. He got further into the game than me, because I kept on trying to get the maximum number of hearts.

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Then came a game that is still known to be a legend among side scrolling games, Contra! Yes! Now this game was just too fun to put down, even if you had your mom screaming at you to go to school. Unlimited ammo, variety of weapons, and gross looking bosses, it was a wish come true. Not only Contra, but then Double Dragon came out! For me, 1988 will always be remembered for having these great titles that survived the later generations. Well, except for Double Dragon for the most part. It’s a great game, but the later series just tarnished the name. Now, this article isn’t going to be just about the games back then. There were much stranger and some-what unique devices that were made. One such thing is called the “Music Vest”, and the video below will explain it all. I’m guessing that someone had this idea that blasting your music in a cemented building with other people was the brightest idea ever. Not only was the music loud, but so was the fashion. Oh yes, lest we forget the fashion of the 80’s! Stripped shirts, short shorts, Hulk sneakers, Sasson Jeans, Converse sneakers, ruffled shirts, head bands, Cheetah stripped car seats, and many more crazy things that made that era so special. It was everywhere, in movies, especially Return of the Living Dead. Which was supposed to be a serious zombie movie, but later became a parody of Night of the Living Dead series. In that movie, there were characters that held almost every kind of fashion, and did well in being their character.

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Movie celebrities were also in those kinds of commercials. Remember those Ernest movies? The main star, Jim Varney, rest his soul, was known to be in the Sprite, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Mello Yello commercials. Yeah, his movies didn’t catch a lot of great appraise, but they will always be remembered to this fan. Aside from that, there was Robocop. Wow, totally unexpected to become such major blockbuster, and also having a TV series and animated ones too. Though both series didn’t last long, it was entertaining enough. Out of all the other movies, came another to be a classic, The Lost Boys. If you do not own a copy, punch yourself in the face, land a strong blow to your groin with a sledge hammer, then write in your will that this movie will be past down from generation to generation. That’s how awesome this movie is, and you know that you’d be doubting yourself if said other wise. This movie made Kiefer Sutherland, Corey Feldman, and Corey Haim. Also, Alex Winter, who played as Bill in “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” with Keanu Reeves, took part as a vampire.

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The 80’s will never truly die, so as long as we keep telling the stories. Part 3 coming soon, and videos credited to!

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