Into The Badlands TV Series Makes Waves, To Get Extended Series? What We Know So Far

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They might be planning to create more seasons for this new action series.

Into The Badlands is making waves in the TV screens, as more people are getting hooked into this post-apocalyptic action flick. Now airing its third episode on AMC, and it has been making great results as it continues to receive high TV viewership. Executive Producer and actor Daniel Wu is very happy about it and is very optimistic for the series and he thinks that the series will not stay for just one season.

In an interview with DigitalSpy, Wu mentioned that he can see that the series might have five or six seasons if it becomes more successful. He also added that he did not plan to play the lead role, but AMC insisted that Wu was their top choice, as for fight choreography, here is what Wu has to say:

?The amount of fighting that we?re doing is very over the top ? even in movies, I don?t think people do this much fighting. Sunny for example, he?s in in 11 of the 12 major fights that there are in the whole series. That?s 11 fight scenes in four months. I don?t even think Jackie Chan or Jet Li or has done that. In my mind as a producer, I thought we should get someone in their late ?20s, early ?30s, who are at their physical peak. So that?s why I didn?t put myself forward at first, because I didn?t feel I was the best option.?

Though the first season will only have few episodes, as it only has six episodes, but Daniel Wu promised that on the second season, it will now have 10 episodes. You can watch Into The Badlands every Sunday night on AMC, they are also at the same channel with the ever popular The Walking Dead.

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