Into the Badlands Season Premiere Impressions: Critics Give New AMC Show Mixed Reviews

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Daniel Wu as Sunny – Into the Badlands _ Season 1, Portraits – Photo Credit: James Dimmock/AMC

Is this new action packed TV series a big hit on the primetime slot?

Into The Badlands is a new TV series created by Miles Millar and Alfred Gough (who were also known for the Smallville TV series) from AMC, the same network that brought you The Walking Dead. Loosely based on the Journey to the West classic, Into the Badlands is set on a mystic dystopian future, where guns and any firearms are now outlawed and were replaced by martial arts and swords. The series showcased some badass-attitude characters like Sunny (played by Daniel Wu) with matching sunglasses, leather duster and a motorcycle, then beating out of a group of thugs without breaking any sweat or even using his sword.

Some website have reviewed the premiere episode of the series and you can check out what they can say about Into the Badlands.

Variety 7 out of 10

Reservations about Into the Badlands center on supporting roles; it?s unclear if a set of younger characters will be as compelling as the ones played by the more seasoned actors…. All in all, however, Into the Badlands is a welcome addition to the television scene.

IGN 6 out of 10

AMC’s Into the Badlands shows promise thanks to a handful of great set pieces and some general intrigue. Alas, its dystopian-future setting and typical world-building don’t really stand out from other genre fare, and the characterization is pretty weak. The series may still be worth checking out, however, if only for the impressive action scenes.

Yahoo TV 5 out of 10

The new AMC show is packed with rigorously choreographed and slicingly edited action scenes, and it builds a mythology that combines elements of Asian martial-arts movies, American Westerns, film noir, horror, biker flicks, and nighttime soap operas…. One big problem with Badlands is its punishingly dour tone, utterly devoid of humor or any fleeting moments of lightness…. I just wish Into The Badlands was more fun.

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