Into The Badlands Cast Update: How David Wu Trained For Sonny

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AMC?s Into The Badlands premier showcased a martials arts action-packed show rarely seen on television today. Having numerous tense fight scenes in a single episode appears difficult for the actors to pull-off, but it is actually more tasking than what you just see on-screen.

Compared to athletes who train around 8 weeks to prepare for their big fight, actors of Into The Badlands prepare for months just to ensure that they are in tip-top-shape for their 4-months shooting of the six-episode first season of the new AMC tv?show, GQ reported ?It?s the marathon version of that, where you have to prepare yourself for a long run,? Into The Badlands? ?Sonny? actor Daniel WU told GQ.

Wu said he started his preparation by upping his strength and condition by doing a lot of running and yoga. Of course, the physique of ?Sonny? must also be considered, so once his third month of preparation started, he started doing weights. For the last two months, he focused on intensively practicing his martial arts skills, Wu told GQ.

But not everything went as planned for Wu. He tried to undo the bulk he gained from his heavy weightlifting via deadlifts because it hampered with his abilities in martial arts, particularly with his ability in kicking.

?For most normal people, deadlifts stretch your hamstrings, but in my case, it tightened them, because I was already very flexible. So it had tightened them a whole lot, and I spend a whole month trying to undo what I did with the deadlifts.?

When it comes to shooting movie fighting scenes, choreography isn?t just a matter of pulling-off all the strong moves you know from the sport. ?You?ve gotta understand camera angles, camera movement? a kick that may not be very powerful may look very powerful from a certain angle,? Wu told GQ.

Into The Badlands is choreographed by Huan-Chiu Ku, the man who worked on Kill Bill and Crouching Tiger. You can watch the show.

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