?Interview With The Vampire? Remake Cast: Jared Leto Teased To Play Lestat, Eddie Redmayne, Jim Caviezel Perfect For Vampire Characters

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Suicide Squad star Jared Leto is now being teased to play the role of Lestat for the remake of Interview With The Vampire. It all started when director Josh Boone recently posted a tweet saying there could be no other Lestat but Leto. Many fans are delighted to know that the Oscar winning actor could take the challenge along with Eddie Redmayne and Jim Caviezel who may also be perfect for certain characters.

With no doubt, Lestat is one of the most alluring among all of Anne Rice?s vampires. Choosing the best actor to play the role is essential for the success of a Chronicles adaptation in which he features.

It is undoubtedly a good idea to see Leto play Lestat, but no official confirmation has been made yet. It could be happening soon or it could only be Boone?s ideal scenario for his project.

Redmayne, on the other hand, could be perfect for the role of Louis which was originally portrayed by Brad Pitt. Redmayne has the acting skills and the looks to be able to manage it. Matt Bomer is also being considered for the character. It was said that Bomer can effortlessly display the internal struggle with being an immortal vampire, a trait that Louis was known for.

There there?s Jim Caviezel who could perfectly fit the role of Armand. The character is the hot-blooded leader of the Theatre des Vampires. He could show his dark features and boyish appeal to give justice to the role. Aside from Caviezel, Rami Malek is also being eyed for the role. He has the looks and he can use his facial expressions for the benefit of the character.

Due to a massive regard of these Interview With The Vampire characters, the casting choice will most likely have a polarizing effect among book lovers and fans of the previous movies alike.

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