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Out of the many start up bands that come and go, each with their own theme and music, this one stands out proudly for their talent and purpose. Going with that video game theme and even with a name that is well known in the video game community, Fenix Down is making their way through the world wide web. I was honored to have this interview with such a potential group of gamers that know how to rock!
TBB:  Can you give me a brief biographical sketch of the band?

FD:  Sure, there are six of us: Tony –singer/guitarist   Jennifer (singer/synth)  Ryan (drummer) Joe (Guitarist)  Robin (Keys)  Fatthew( Bass).  The band is based out of Staten Island, New York  Our music is considered Hard rock with video game elements.

TBB:  What are the differences between this band and others? And, why?

FD:  Our video game theme, our promotional campaign strategies are a little unorthodox, our comic, and our coming video game.  We hope to one day be playing Madison Square Garden as many original bands do but we’ve taking a very interesting route to get there which is primarily web based.  We also have some very good players in the band with interesting styles of play.  It’s something that we believe contributes to a slightly different sound as well.

TBB:  Are there any other themes you will be covering? (Such as epic battles, demonic armies marching, forsaken dungeons)

FD:  We have already covered a few Final Fantasy themes on our 1st album as well as a song called” Autumn Twilight” in which the song the story of Raistlin Majere from his own point of view, when he is captured in the Abyss. (THE DRAGONLANCE NOVELS written by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman) We definitely plan to do more tributes soon.  We’ve been tossing around the idea of redoing some NES game music and we have a dungeons and dragons inspired song on its way as well.

TBB:  What are the influences of creating the type of music that your band plays? How so?

FD:  There are many things that set Fenix Down apart from other bands, which is a must for every band to survive.  With Fenix Down it’s the theme of the band.  The band lives between video game bands and mainstream rock bands.  We have the songwriting influences of the old Nintendo games in our music simply because, as the main songwriter of the band, I (Tony) was exposed to it constantly when I played as a child.    My favorites off the top of my head were (Zelda, Mario, Final Fantasy, Metroid) Coupled with Saturday morning cartoons such as Thunder Cats, He Man, Silver Hawk and such and you get something unique.  I was so into the music, while not really listening to bands at all My point is that the musical styling of this band has a radically different root then other bands and that has led to not only the band’s theme and sound but our comic and coming video game as well.

TBB:  If you could choose any band in the world, which one would you like to open up for? Why?

FD:  Linkin Park, hands down, we’ve always felt like our music would be a good coupling with theirs live.  We do have some similar elements that would hit home such as a certain epic writing flavor that we believe both of us have.  A quality like that can go a long way and provides for great live moments.

TBB: What would everyone be doing instead, if they were not in this band? Why?


Tony ——–Selling Copy Machines ———— (My Father has a copy machine business called “Reliable”.  I considered becoming a salesman for a time.

Joe ———- Court Officer or Police Force

Ryan——teaching history or law – always been interested in history

Jennifer—-Acting or writing preferably

Robin——I almost did Medicine.

Fatthew—–Would have become an Electrician

TBB:  Can you tell me about a future project you would like to be working on?

FD:  Absolutely.  We are finishing up our 2nd Album “ Broken Hero” which will be released sometime late this year.  Already the single of this album out called “I’m Ready”.

We will be working on the soundtrack for “Witch Kids” an animated movie that’s in it’s early stages right now.  The story is about a group of teens who all have different sorts of magic.  The band together to fight evil demons.

–         We will begin working on the audio for our own video game in 2009.  The game is currently untitled although we have tossed a few names around already.

–         We will be collaborating with Tanya Gallo, Alexa Vetere, DJ Skribble, and Frank Lucas for some stuff coming up.

TBB:  Where do you see the band and yourself, in the future?

FD:  Signed, touring around the world , and writing.  We would like to write for video games and soundtracks a lot more as well  to hopefully a healthy mix of recording as well.

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