[Watch] Internet Meme Destroys Model?s Life: Here?s The True Story

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Internet Meme

There is one internet meme that has spread all over the world and was transformed into a scandal. It was widely shared, given that different versions of stories were made up and translated into different languages. Here is the story of a girl whose life was destroyed because of one, supposedly, small part-time job. See her interview with the BBC below.

What is a meme?

A meme is either a humorous image, video, or text that is copied (most of the time modified) and spread rapidly by internet users.

Remember that one internet meme where you see a family photo with a gorgeous, good-looking set of parents with their three children? The alleged story behind the photo is a pun on plastic surgery for Asian women. They say that the husband never knew that his beautiful wife had plastic surgery until their kids turned out to look very different from them.

Other variations of the story include a court case. They say that the wife lied to the husband and so he sued her and won.

The True Story

Internet Meme

Credit: Heidi Yeh

In a BBC interview, Taiwanese model Heidi Yeh came out to speak up about how this internet meme ruined her career. The joke also affected her personal life and family. Her story begins when her modeling career was about to take off. She took a small print ad job, which should not have been spread on the Internet in the first place.

Because it went viral, she became a joke, and rumors about her getting plastic surgery ruined her career. It had a damaging effect on her family as well. People started to ask her if the stories were true. Yeh claims she never had any plastic surgery and that the kids in the photo were photoshopped.

Watch Heidi Yeh?s full interview here:

Yeh hopes that this interview ends all rumors about her. She also plans to sue the ad agency for posting the ad online, which was not part of the contract.

What would you do if you were the victim of this internet meme? Post your answers below.

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