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I was checking out the waybackmachine to scan through some of the old pages. It’s amazing to see how things have changed in the past 10 years. Yep, I took a look at 1999. Videtorial was the term I coined back then for video game editorials. I still use it today. I wonder how big could have been if I stuck with it? Everything happens for a reason. I’m happy with where we are today. I’ll be posting most of the reviews and previews back to the archive soon. If you want to take a look at the internet archives, check out this link: Video Game Time

Here’s a Videtorial I wrote in February of 1999:

Quality VS. Quantity

You know, when Howard Lincoln first mentioned this quality vs. quantity theory during the birth of the N64, I didn’t think it would work. I thought that we needed more of a selection of games to choose from, period! I was afraid that it was going to be Sega all over again. When Sega released the Saturn with 5 titles, all of which were good, we were stuck with those 5 titles for months. Then when some 3rd party stuff hit the streets, it was less than mediocre. Nintendo on the other hand came out with about the same amount of titles, but the quality was on a much higher level. They exploited the system right away with some top notch titles. But like Sega released a few dogs also. Those few dogs weren’t actually bad games, but they were games that people weren’t interested in. You know what games I’m talking about. Soon after that, they have just release quality title after quality title. Even though I might not like all of these games, they are in the top 10 Blockbuster rentals continuously. You never see any Playstation or Saturn games in the top 10 rentals. Is it because people who own Nintendo 64’s are to cheap to buy the carts and they rent more often? I don’t know what it is but it’s amazing to me. The ironic thing is that Nintendo isn’t doing that great in Japan. Sega is way ahead of them and that’s saying alot. Sony is still #1 across the world. Now the new Sega Dreamcast may change all of that in the future. Developers have accepted the system with open arms, which is a good start. Sega will also be doing the quality vs. quantity theory with the Dreamcast system. I think it will work out. This means that we won’t see 80 baseball games hit the shelves in one week! Sony is having this problem now. Too much crap is flying on the shelves and sales are low. So when quality titles like Metal Gear Solid hit the shelves, there’s a gaming frenzy. Either way you look at it, there are still too many games to play. I know this because I have to dabble into everything that comes into the office. Grand Turismo came in, I played it for a day, passed it on to get reviewed, then went out and bought it. Have I had time to play it since I bought it? NOPE! I’m still on disc 1 of Final Fantasy VII. Too much work, not enough time for play. Too many games, not enough time to play. Now onto the web stuff. I’m sorry there was no Mega-Monday update. I’ve been busy with a couple of projects including our fanzine. There will be a huge update for Wednesday though. I’ve had some complaints about the page loading to slow. I never see this because of my high speed connection. Plus, once it’s loaded in cache it should be fast for everyone. But to appease my readers, I’ll be making some changes this week to speed up the loading process. Thanks for the feedback on that one guys. That’s it for now. SEND SOME FEEDBACK!!!

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