Intel Will Unveil Enthusiast Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X Processors at Gamescom 2017

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Intel Kaby Lake-X

PC enthusiasts all over the world will have a very good reason to celebrate at next year?s Gamescom in Germany. Rumor has it that Intel will be unveiling its new line of extreme Skylake and Kaby Lake processors in Aug. 2017. According to Digitimes, the chip maker will showcase the Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X during Gamescom 2017.

These new extreme edition processors will be an update of the existing Broadwell-E series.

Current Broadwell-E processor sub-models like the 6900K and the deca-core 6950X were released back in July 2016. Since then, many enthusiast have enjoyed playing around with the processor by overclocking it.

Broadwell-E Processors

Broadwell-E i7-6950K and i7-6900K Processors (via

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Reports suggest that the line of extreme edition processors can hold up to as much as 4.3GHz clock rate. Some enthusiast even going as high as 4.7GHz with a corresponding core voltage reduction.

The Skylake-X version will support a minimum of 6 cores, with a maximum of 10 cores per chip. Meanwhile, the Kaby Lake-X version will, for the time being, be limited to only 4 cores per die. Both processors will feature the newest socket LGA2066 and support for DDR4 memory. The CPUs will be paired with Intel?s newest x299 chipset.

These two extreme edition processors are targeted for high end market that make use of multi-core overclocking practices. Therefore, these processors will not come cheap at all. The starting price for both chips will be around $470, and it can go as high as $1800.

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For those who are new to this, overclocking is a way of improving the performance of a certain electronic device, such as a microprocessor. For many years, PC enthusiasts have been looking for ways of improving their machines? performance. The easiest way of doing this is by increasing the clock rate of the CPU or processor. Some enthusiasts go above and beyond the recommended clock frequency, hence the term overclocking. Of course, with the increase in clock rate comes an increase in heat generation as well. The Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X have a maximum TDP of 140 and 112W, respectively.

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