Intel Skylake News: Too Expensive But Little Improvements For Processor Targeting Gamers

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With the mobile scene becoming more mainstream and beating the PC industry in terms of sales, Intel has launched their latest processor that is targeted to the most loyal audience; the gamers.

Intel has revealed their sixth-generation processors codenamed ?Skylake? with its two quad-core models: the i7-6700K and i5-6600K. Just like the rest of the K-series, these chips will be core unclocked for the maximum overclocking rate possible and will have higher frequency compared to the previous gen (now at 4.0 GHz for the i7-6700K and 3.5GHz for the i5-6600K.

Despite the higher frequency, both 6th-gen CPUs have only small margin improvement in regards to performance (at just around 10%) from the 5th-gen Haswell CPUs, but the Skylake CPUs are more focused to gamers that needed higher performances, thus requiring to overclock their CPU to the limit. Skylake has a 14-nanometer size that help improve overclocking, where it could reach at 5.0GHz frequency.


Along with the 14-nanometer build, the Skylake has the new Z170 chips that lets you use the more expensive DDR4 memories, but the chip can still support the cheaper DDR3L memories thanks to its dual memory controller. However the new CPU will be using the new LGA1151 socket, so the previous motherboards for the 5th-gen CPU will not be compatible with Skylake. It will also have the 91W Thermal Design Power, where it can measure the heat of the CPU as the Skylake, compared to other CPUs such as the Broadwell are aimed to be power efficient and better battery life for portable devices, Skylake are aimed for maximum power output.

The Skylake CPUs already have a price tag right now, the i7-6700K will be priced at $350 while the i5-6600K will be for $243 and both are available right now. If you are investing for a new gaming rig and have a large budget, then you should head out and get the Skylake CPU. But if you are on a tight budget, but still insists on getting a decent gaming rig, head on to our guide for building a $350 gaming rig.

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