Intel Launched Gold and Platinum Xeon Server Processor; Showcasing a Maximum of 28 Cores

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Intel launched Gold and Platinum Xeon processors

A few weeks ago, it was rumored that Intel is working on a 32-core Xeon processor. This rumor is said to be a response to threats from AMD’s Naples server-grade processor. Unfortunately, until now, there have been no updates on the said monstrosity from Intel. However, Intel somehow managed to launch a new line of Xeon processors without making a big fuss about it.

According to German site Computerbase, Intel launched a total of 34 Skylake SP processors based on the newest Purley platform. These processors contain a minimum of ten cores to as much as 28 in one CPU.

The most interesting part of the launch is the fact that Intel somehow managed to cram in a total of 28 cores on the LGA3647 package. Furthermore, the new platform supports massive scalability and impressive RAM support.

Intel launched Gold and Platinum Xeon processors

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According to previous reports, the new Purley platform can support a minimum of two sockets per board. Meanwhile, the maximum number of processors supported per board can go as high as eight. In terms of system RAM, the new architecture can support six channels of DDR4 type RAM as opposed to the usual four. This means that there can be as many as 18 DIMM sockets per CPU.

As for performance, the top-tier Xeon Platinum 8180 can run with an impressive 2.5GHz clock speed while sporting a total of 28 cores. On the other hand, the fastest processor in the lineup is the Intel Xeon Gold 5122 which runs at 3.6GHz.

It is also worth mentioning that the new lineup can have as much as 205W of TDP. For a server-grade processor stocked with 28 cores, this is indeed an impressive feat. Also, the new platform boasts direct support for Intel’s low latency Optane storage.

Unfortunately, not much has been said about the possibly dates of availability for the said chip. For more updates on Intel Xeon processors, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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