New Intel Kaby Lake Processor Reaches Impressive Overclocking Performance

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Intel Kaby Lake

To most PC enthusiasts, overclocking is their bread and butter. It is basically the air they breathe. To them, being able to overclock a system is what makes a PC great. That is why, year after year, the market for unlocked processors is slowly rising. The current Intel i7-6700K are capable of reaching up to 4.6 GHz from its base frequency of 4 GHz. However, new tests reveal that the Kaby Lake is even capable of surpassing Skylake?s previous overclocking records.

Although the high performance Kaby Lake chips are not out yet, it would seem that Intel has sent test samples to various individuals. Of course, these individuals did not waste a single second testing the chip.

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Thomas Soderstrom from is one of those individuals who got the sample prior to the supposed release. According to the tests that he ran on the chip, the unlocked Kaby Lake can run at an impressive 4.8 GHz. To put this into perspective, the base frequency for the i7-7700K processor is at 4.2 GHz. This base frequency can be boosted to around 4.5 GHz for added performance. Running the processor past the boost frequency is quite impressive, if not unheard of.

Intel Kaby Lake Lineup (via

Intel Kaby Lake Lineup (via

The overclocked chip idles at around 59 Watts and runs at 198 Watts at full throttle. Again, to put this into perspective, the peak power is more than twice the TDP or thermal design power. For anyone thinking of doing this, a beastly cooling system is a must.

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The overclocking news does not end there. Another individual who took to Facebook about his test on the Kaby Lake chip reported an overclocking multiplier of x49. This means that the processor is running at around 4.9 GHz full pelt.

When subjected to AIDA64 stress tests, the chip registered temperatures of between 75 to 90 degrees Centigrade. Apart from the operating temperature, the chip ran smoothly and did not experience any glitch at all.

These tests only shows that the new Kaby Lake processor from Intel has a bit of headroom to play around. This is a great deal for many PC enthusiasts who take it upon themselves to run their machines at the edge of destruction.

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