Intel to Release Mainstream Kaby Lake Desktop Processor at CES 2017

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Intel Kaby Lake Desktop

Perhaps one of the most highly anticipated product of 2016 is Intel?s Kaby Lake line of processors. A few months back, the chip maker unveiled the entry level versions of the same line of processors. Immediately after that, OEM laptop makers began shipping products that use the ultra low power chips. Many people are now expecting Intel to release the next batch of processors under the Kaby Lake brand. This is especially true for the desktop versions and the high end or enthusiast processors.

Various sources revealed that Intel intends to unveil the next batch of Kaby Lake Processors early next year. According to these sources, the desktop version of Intel?s new processors will make its way into next year?s CES.

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The 2017 Consumer Electronics Show will be held in Las Vegas from Jan. 3 to 7. The event will showcase a number of products from various companies and Intel will be one of them. The latest processor to come out of Intel is the Kaby Lake, which is the 7th generation of the company?s i-series processors. The new chip touts native support for 4K video and Thunderbolt 3.

Intel Kably Lake 7th Gen i7-7700K

Intel i7-7700K (via

Just like its predecessors, the new line of processors will also be released in unlocked or overclockable versions.

The 7320, 7300, and 7100 sub-models will be released on the i3 series. On the other hand, the i5 series will have 7500 and 7600 sub-models while the i7 will be a 7700. The unlocked versions for the i5 and i7 will be 7600K and 7700K, respectively.

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The Kaby Lake is rumored to be featured heavily on next year?s range of products. On top of the list are the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 and the iMac 2017. Rumor has it that both devices will carry the newest line of processors from Intel. There have also been talks that Apple will release an early 2017 version of the MacBook Pro. This time around, the laptop will feature the Intel?s new processor as fans expected it to be.

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