CES 2017: Intel Virtual Reality Enables World Travel Through VR

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In the Intel CES 2017 presentation, everyone was thrilled as Intel’s Project Alloy was shown off to the public eye. Project Alloy is the Intel Virtual Reality headset, and is definitely a big game changer for the gaming world and may start the boom of VR headsets.

Intel CES 2017’s Project Alloy surprises everyone

VR headsets may have been around the market for some time, but Project Alloy potentially can deliver something very unique: world travel at your home. In the Intel CES 2017 demonstration of Project Alloy, we were shown that the headset could do a virtual replica of the scanned room.

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Intel has dubbed this as a “merged reality” and the scanned objects were converted to look appropriate to the game scenery.

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Project Alloy will not need a separate PC or power source as the computer and battery are built in. Traveling the world without leaving your living room will be more fun and you don’t get to be tired at all.

What more can Intel Virtual Reality Project Alloy offer?

In an article by, Intel also showcased a wide variety of uses for Project Alloy. Included in what was showcased was the 360 view of a waterfall in Vietnam, which is of course in high definition.

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Brian Krzanich, Intel’s CEO, announced in the presentation that the headset can potentially bridge the gap between the digital and the physical world. Among the other possible use is that the VR can be further enhanced through the use of drones and cameras to do rescue missions.

Intel also presented its 2-in-1 PC powered by the next generation 10-nm Cannon Lake processor, and their plans for the world’s first 5G modem. Also a partnership between Intel, BMW Group, and Mobileye plans to release 40 autonomous cars this year as well.

The Intel CES 2017’s Project Alloy will kick off starting in the fourth quarter of the year and potentially be available next year. Next year will surely be a great year especially for the VR world.

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