Intel Core i9 X Series Lineup Leaked; Features 18-core to Combat AMD’s Threadripper

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Intel to release 18-core core i9 processors this year

It is not a secret that the rivalry between AMD and Intel has been going on for longer than anyone can remember. Back in the days, Intel had the upper hand with its more stable and lower TDP offerings.

However, in recent months, the tables have turned in favor of AMD with the release of the Risen series of processors. Now Intel is rumored to unveil its offering that will go head to head with AMD’s Threadripper HEDT processors.

Many would know by now that AMD will be releasing a high-end desktop processor with as much as 16 cores per package. The AMD Threadripper are to be offered in various flavours and will compete directly with Intel’s line of HEDT chips.

As a form of retaliation, Intel is upping the ante by having more cores per package on its line of high-end processors. The newest leak from Videocardz, revealed that Intel is working on providing as much as 18 cores per die for its HEDT line of processors.

Intel to release 18-core core i9 processors this year

Intel X-Series Core i9 processor presentation slide (via

The Intel core i9-7980XE will be the crowned jewel of the series sporting as much as 18 cores; with hyper threading enabled, this core count ramps up to 36 per chip. In addition to an impressive core count, the newest line of processors will also feature four channels of DDR4 memory. These DDR4 modules will run at the speed of 2666MHz. On top of this, the new family of high-end chip will also include Intel’s Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0.

Unfortunately, the price is still unknown at the moment but consumers can expect them to be announced sometime in July or August. However, the range of TDP will be from 140W to 165W across the entire line. Furthermore, the processors will also be house in the LGA2066 socket as with the current Intel HEDT processor.

There will be a total of nine processors in the lineup; seven will be made under Skylake-X while the remaining two under the newer Kaby Lake-X architecture. All processors are based on the 14nm process technology and will be compatible with the new X299 motherboard chipset. For more updates on the core i9 processors, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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