Intel Cannonlake Coming before End of 2017; Releasing with Intel Branded Hybrid Laptops

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Intel Cannonlake CES 2017

The recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas was a great success. Companies hit their targets and showcased new and exciting products that are coming within the year. Among those companies is Intel which officially unveiled its newest Kaby Lake processors. In addition to the usual product showcases, Intel held a press conference just as the CES 2017 was winding down. In the said conference, the semiconductor company teased the participants on its upcoming Cannonlake processor.

According to Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, Intel plans on releasing the Cannonlake processors some time before the end of 2017. He also modelled an Intel-branded 2-in-1 hybrid laptop running on the Cannonlake chip.

This is the very first public demonstration of the Cannonlake chip powering an actual device. The demo showed a video feed from the press conference. Although Krzanich did not elaborate much on the feature of the said device, he boasted about the processors actual performance on release.

Intel’s current lineup for this year is dubbed as the Kaby Lake. At the moment, high-end versions of the processor are now being mass produced in time for the release some time in March. After that, Intel will then move on to the next stage of development, the 10 nm process technology.

Intel Cannonlake

Intel-branded hybrid laptop showcased during CES 2017 (via

The device in question could be one of Intel’s upcoming products. The demo sparked rumors that Intel could be dipping its hands into product manufacturing. The said hybrid laptop could just be one of the many products that Intel will be unveiling this year. Last year, the company formally announced it own version of open-sourced VR (virtual reality) development platform, the Project Alloy. Also last year, it released its very first commercial drone, the Falcon 8+.

As previously announced, the Cannonlake chip will be made under the 10nm process technology. This new technology will introduce increased performance and power efficiency to the processor. In addition to that, overall die area is also reduced by as much as 30 percent.

The release of the Cannonlake processor will usher the development of new and improved electronic devices for 2018. There is a chance that Apple might adapt the new processor for some minor updates on its computer products. For now, consumers are anticipating the release of Kaby Lake powered PCs and laptops to be released in the market.

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