Intel Already Working On New x86 Processor For 2019-2020

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Few years from now, it seems like Intel is going to introduce the consumers to the new x86 architecture. It would mean the retirement of the Intel Core generation, which it is currently using.

According to BitsAndChips, the new processors will be hitting the market some time between 2019 and 2020. This move is somehow being compared to the approach of the AMD Zen. It combined price, power, performance and consumption in the Ryzen architecture, and this is exactly what Intel is planning to do. However, for them to improve the performance of the upcoming processor, the report added that Intel might remove the old SIMD and other legacy hardware.

Another bad note is that the upcoming x86 architecture will not have 100% backward compatibility. As of this writing, Intel processors have been 100% backward compatible with the earlier installments. But, this is not going to be the case a few years from now.

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Also, Intel should develop a thinner and quicker x86 architecture to allow ICC to optimize the code for both ARM and x86. Until then, everyone should expect the upcoming processor to not have 100% backward compatibility.

Lastly, the report mentioned that the TigerLake will be the final installment of the current Intel processors with Sandy Bridge. One good proof is the company?s move of stepping in a new direction with its SkyLake. It is the first Intel processor that has major changes since the Sandy Bridge era.

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Clearly, the AMD Ryzen architecture is causing all these changes with Intel. They have captured the attention of everyone and this is the reason why Intel is trying to imitate AMD?s approach. Although Intel has not confirmed anything yet, consumers should still anticipate huge changes from them in the coming years.

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