Installing Android 7.0 Nougat To Your Phone Part 2 – Flashing The Bootloader And OTA Image

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Nougat Update

The following paragraphs will discuss the remaining steps in updating mobile devices to the new Android 7.0 Nougat.

Before proceeding, users who have not done so should check the previous part?of this tutorial.

Flashing the bootloader

After enabling developer settings and USB debugging, it is now time to flash the bootloader.

To flash the bootloader, first head to the Android factory images page and download the bootloader for your device. It would help a lot if you save the said image to the same path as the Platform Tools.

Users can enter the following command to flash the bootloader:

./fastboot flash bootloader [bootloader_file].img

The [bootloader_file] is the name of the bootloader for the device. Make sure you remove the opening and closing brackets.

After flashing, reboot your device by:

./fastboot reboot-bootloader

Once it has rebooted, it is now time to flash the radio. Do this by using the following line:

./fastboot flash radio [radio_file].img

After this, reboot the device again.

Once these steps above are done, it is now time to flash the actual system. Enter the following line to the terminal or command prompt:

./fastboot -w update [image_file].zip

The device will reboot as it installs the new files. So do not panic.

Flashing and OTA image

This is the final step in updating your Android device. To do this, download the latest OTA images from Google and save it to the same Platform Tools folder.

Reboot you device. While booting, press the volume down button twice to select the Recovery Mode and press the power button to execute it. After this, hold the power button and press the volume up button to enter the Recovery Mode. Once in this done, you are now ready to copy the new OTA file. To do this, enter the following line to the terminal or command prompt:

./adb sideload [OTA_file].zip

Wait for the installation to finish. This will conclude the update process. You have successfully updated your device.

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