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Although the iPhone and the iPad are the easiest devices to use on the market, not a lot of users know how to install iTunes on the PC. It may be conceivable that you could use your iPad or iPhone without ever connecting it to a computer or PC, but that’s only limiting you to a very expensive and underperforming device.

Why do you even need to know how to install iTunes on your PC? Well, you won’t be able to use any of your music files, your other media, your documents and other online accounts if you don’t have iTunes. What’s more, you also might not be able to register for an Apple account if you don’t have a PC.

All in all, you could say iTunes is what keeps the iPhone and iPad from being a perfect mobile device. So until Apple decides to scrap their glorified media transfer and app download client, here is how to install iTunes on your PC:

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1. Click here to go to the download page for iTunes: iTunes

2. Select the country or region you are currently residing in and decide whether you want to receive updates and emails from Apple.

3. Click the ‘Download’ button.

4. Once the download has finished, find the file in your Downloads folder or wherever you saved it.

5. Run the file and wait as the rest of iTunes is downloaded.

6. Go through the steps presented by the installation wizard.

7. Run iTunes from the shortcut created after installation.

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How to link your media to iTunes:

Sadly, even if iTunes is installed, using it to transfer your music to your iOS device hasn’t even begun. Even if you already know how to install iTunes on your PC, you still have to create your music library and sync your apps and media. Here’s how:

1. Open your music folder.

2. Select all the files you want to move to your iTunes library.

3. Drag the files to an open iTunes window.

4. Wait for iTunes to index the files.

If you want iTunes to find the files itself, wait for the client to detect the media present on your PC and click OK.

Once you’ve set up iTunes on your PC, you can download apps and other media through it and just sync your iOS device. In the end, knowing how to download iTunes on your PC is one of the most important things you can do for your iPhone or iPad.

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