Instagram Stories: Check Its Features By Following Nick Jonas, Calvin Harris, Serena Williams & Other Celebrity Endorsers

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The new ?Instagram Stories? is nothing but a rip-off of the ?Snapchat Stories.? Technically, this feature allows users to share every single moment of a given day in one go. As you add photos and videos, they get clubbed together and presented in the form of a slideshow, thereby forming your own little story.

The?company blog says with Instagram Stories, users need not think about ?over-posting,? as there is no restriction on the number of photos and videos. A user can share as much as he or she wants all throughout the day.

The story can be brought to life with the help of texts and a bunch of drawing tools. For instance, you can add an animated laser beam coming out of your cat?s eyes.

However, as you might have guessed already, the shared photos and videos will disappear after 24 hours. After which, the story will not be part of the profile grid or the feed.

Instagram Stories

The Instagram Stories of your friends and the people/celebrities you follow will appear in a bar located at the top of the feed. In order to notify the user about the existence of a new story,?Instagram will add a colorful ring to the profile photo of the story teller.

Instagram users should, however, note that there are no ?likes or public comments? in the new feature.

So when is this Instagram Stories getting rolled out and who will get it? As it turns out, the global roll out is happening over the next couple of weeks on Android and iOS platforms.

In order to make the users get accustomed to the new feature, Instagram has sought help from celebrities like?Nick Jonas, Serena Williams,?Demi Lovato,?Kevin Hart and?Calvin Harris, among others. Readers can follow their favorite celebrities to get a glimpse of their personal and professional life as they share their moments of life in the form of stories.


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