Instagram For Android Has New, Better Photo Editor

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Everyone knows the best online photo-sharing, video-sharing in the world, Instagram. With more than a 100 million users, this social-networking site reinvents as they develop into an app that anyone can use easily. Now, Instagram tests the water as they revamp a better photo editor for Android users.

The new version of the photo editor presents simplicity rather than the lengthy process of editing and cropping photos.

Previous versions of Instagram shows a crop window before you go to the editing screen that listed different types of filters beside other icons. Droid-life shared its experience on the improved version saying that in this new screen, you skip right past the edit screen and onto a page that lets you swipe across the screen to quickly adjust filters, before adding comments and tags.

New Photo Editor

If you would like to get deeper into editing tools, an ?Edit? button in the bottom left of your photo will get you there, the report added. Droid-life also showed that this new quick posting screen seems to show a handful of nearby locations that you can scroll through as well, along with a simpler caption box.

A report from Engadget indicated that you need to be running Instagram 7.3. It also indicated that it is more of an experiment rather than a full-fledged upgrade.

Although this interface is only available to a small number people, if the new version becomes available to everyone, this upgrade will certainly expand the growing number of users.

Improvements for the app include a new search engine for the web, located at the center of the web?page that brings up images and individual usernames, making it more user-friendly. They also introduced ?Top Posts? that displayed popular web results, finding great places and hashtags. An ?Explore? feature was also launched for an easier spotting of news, events, videos and photos.

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