Instagram 6.0 Update: New Editing Features Now Allow Users To Control Filter Intensity

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Screenshots of the new Instagram 6.0

Instagram, the popular photo-sharing slash social network announced a new update to their app on Tuesday. The new Instagram 6.0 update will be available for both iOS and Android platforms. The Facebook-owned company has added adjustment options such as brightness, contrast, sharpness, and saturation among others. What?s more interesting is that they decided to give users the ability to control the intensity of a filter to be used.

According to Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom, their photo-sharing app has been a stage for a lot of people. Speaking during an interview at their headquarters at Facebook, he said that they want to provide the necessary tools to enable users to display their best foot forward, at least photography-wise.

The Instagram 6.0 update will bring a set of new tools where users can easily and quickly enhance the photos they intend to post. In contrast to the Polaroid-ish filters that Instagram have been known for since its inception in 2010, the new editing tools will let users modify a photo?s properties on a minute level. They will also be able to adjust the intensity of a filter by using a sliding scale or bar. For instance, if you like to use the Toaster filter, but wanted to dampen its strong orange glow, you may now do so and chose the concentration level.

The photo-sharing social network started to use the sliding scale back in March with the introduction of the Lux tool. Now, that slider is available for most editing features within the app. Systrom admits that these features are not entirely new. But most mobile photography apps out there, like Photoshop Express and Camera+, are either expensive or offer lots of in-app purchases. Some Instagram users even resort to using other photo editing apps before using Instagram?s own editing tools.

Those concerns are what this Instagram 6.0 update wishes to address. The company doesn?t want users to rely on other apps to come up with better photos. As such, here is the full list of the new editing tools that Instagram added for free to their app:

  • Filter strength ? choose a filter, then use the slider bar to fine-tune intensity
  • Brightness ? makes your picture darker or brighter
  • Contrast ? turns dark areas darker and bright areas brighter
  • Adjust ? changes a photo?s angle and crop it at the same time
  • Saturation ? augments or reduces an image?s color intensity
  • Warmth ? makes a photo cooler by adding a bluish tone, or warmer by shifting to orange tones
  • Shadows ? modifies the brightness of a photo with focus on its dark areas
  • Highlights ? modifies the brightness of a photo with focus on its bright areas
  • Sharpen ? adjusts the clarity of a photo by controlling the level of crispness
  • Vignette ? turns the attention away from the edges and directs it toward the image?s center by darkening its edges

Another cool feature of the Instagram 6.0 update is the option to see the unaltered ?before? version of the image by tapping and holding on it while editing. Once you let go of the screen, it will snap back to your edited image.


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