Insomniac Expands Its Horizons

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Insomniac expanding to a huge studio in the east coast can mean only one thing; bigger games, better games and possibly multiplatform games. We will be interviewing them soon to get all the juicy info. Until then, enjoy this press release:


Creators of “Ratchet & Clank(tm)” and “Resistance: Fall of Man(tm)” Franchises to
Open Raleigh-Durham Studio by January 2009

BURBANK, Calif. (June 4, 2008): Insomniac Games, a 28.5-million unit selling
independent console videogames developer ranked among the top 10 best small
companies to work for nationally and locally, announced today it is opening a North
Carolina-based development studio.

The new studio, which will be located in the Raleigh-Durham area, marks the first
expansion in Insomniac’s 14-year history. The North Carolina studio will also be
known as Insomniac Games, and will focus both on developing current and new
intellectual properties. While the new studio will operate largely autonomously
from Insomniac’s Burbank group, it will receive administrative support along with
shared tools and technology.

“As a studio, Insomniac Games is known for developing high-quality blockbuster
titles and for nurturing a creative and collaborative culture,” said Ted Price,
Insomniac’s founder and CEO. “Our goal with the North Carolina studio is to blend
our experience and proven track record with the tenacity of a start-up venture.
Expanding to Raleigh-Durham also allows us to maintain an ideal size in Burbank
while offering an attractive alternative for developers wishing to live on the East

Chad Dezern, Insomniac’s art director, will serve as the North Carolina studio
director while veteran Insomniac gameplay lead Shaun McCabe will assume the role of
production director. The two have worked at Insomniac for 10 and five years,
respectively. They will continue to help lead production of Resistance 2(tm),
Insomniac’s highly anticipated sequel to the PLAYSTATIONÒ3 (PS3Ô) exclusive
Resistance: Fall of Man(tm), until it launches this fall.

Insomniac’s Raleigh-Durham studio will be operational by January 2009 and is
currently seeking employees for a variety of positions. The studio will likely be
comprised of 25-30 developers. Job-related questions may be submitted to

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