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Insomnia Inducing Horror Games You Need To Play

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October isn?t quite there yet, but we thought it would be a great idea to round up some great horror games because who needs sleep? Sleep is for the weak!

Dead Space
This is the first of a ridiculously amazing trilogy. In the game, you play as an engineer by the name of Isaac Clark.? He?s on his way to fix Ishimura, a spaceship that sends a distress signal. And soon, they will find out that no-one is in there, and the Ishimura is abandoned. After that, they were attacked by weird creatures called Necromorphs. You will be needing to use Clark?s skills in engineering to use different tools to kill the necromorphs. This is a great horror game, but the only downside is the fact that Clark does not talk at all, which is kinda boring.

Dead Space 2
This is the best in the trilogy series. After the end of Dead Space 1, Clark was put in a mental institute because they thought he?s gone crazy. Unfortunately, the necromorhps came back and followed him. Now, Clark will have to find the source of all this and put an end to the necromorhps, once and for all.
Dead Space 2 is quite the same as Dead Space 1 but it?s a lot bigger. Many aspects have been improved like more customizable weapons and armors. And they also added new horrifying creatures. And the best part? Clark talks in Dead Space 2. Yay! (lol)

The Forest
The game starts with you and your kid, in an airplane. An accident will happen and the plane will crash on a weird island. You and your kid will somehow survive, but the island natives will take your kid away and you will have to search for him/her. There are plenty of interesting mechanics in the game, like the inventory system. You?ll also be able to build a lot things, even a whole house. The game was just recently released, but it shows a lot of potential. You should check it out.

In Outlast, you are a freelance investigative journalist named Miles Upshur. The protagonist will receive an anonymous tip that inhumane experiments are being conducted in Mount Massive Asylum, a psychiatric hospital deep in the mountains of Lake County, CO. Entering the asylum, Miles will discover the mutilated corpses of the staff and soon, he will be trapped inside. You will be chased by homicidal patients, and your only option is to run and hide. Luckily, Miles got himself a camera that has ?night vision which will be helpful throughout the entire game, but you will have to use it wisely because its batteries won?t hold for too long. The mechanics and graphics are good, and there are plenty of disturbing moments in Outlast, so be prepared.

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