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Going Strong: ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’ Continues for Yet Another Year

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A game as good as ?Injustice? deserves the praise and credits it is receiving for its bold, imaginative style and creative storyline. As much as praise and credit goes, of course, nothing matches the concept of being made into a comic book title. As ?Injustice? probably made DC relevant again as ?Batman: Arkham Asylum? did, so was it expected to be made into a comic book, fitted right in between other titles such as the originals and the ?New 52? series currently ongoing in the DC universe.

For those not in the know, the ?Injustice: Gods Among Us? game revolves around a very antagonistic Superman and a Batman that, well, is even more brooding than ever. It is set in an alternate universe where everything goes out of whack because of (surprise, surprise) their Joker, who convinces Superman to sacrifice Lois Lane for the good of mankind. This leads to the big guy with the ?S? to think authoritarian, finally coming to terms with the fact that humanity in general cannot be trusted on their own, and declares a dictatorship under his rule.

The off-shoot comic provides a very healthy reading companion to the game. If you?re stuck on one game plot, and was wondering what happened for you to have to go through that, the comic explains things for you. As of this writing, there has already been two volumes of the game. The first volume revolves around the story of the Justice League, where they were during the very hard decisions that Superman had to go through. The second explores the reaction of the Green Lanterns of Sector 2814 as Superman declares himself overlord of all Earth. And now, we have volume three.

The third volume in the series ought to make for some good reading. Superman, throughout the series in DC, has always had major trouble when facing off with magicians or those who dabbled in the arcane arts. This is not so different in the alternate dimension of ?Injustice: Gods Among Us?, where Superman is going to be pitted against the like of John Constantine and the other magicians of the DC Universe.

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With Volume Two barely reaching the finish line, news of a third volume has already escaped the grapevine. The storyline is still focused on the fall from grace of Superman, and the main focus of the story is the battle between him and Constantine. Tom Taylor, writer of the first two volumes, excitedly adds that with Superman and John Constantine headed towards an inevitable head-on, there might not be anything lacking, story-wise.

A possible draw for people to read the comic would be John Constantine having to team up with Batman. While everyone knows that John Constantine is a hard fellow to work with, expect that to be mirrored a hundred-fold when he attempts to work with Batman. Jim Chadwick and Tom Taylor are equally excited about the project, particularly the challenge of pitting Superman against John Constantine. While it is difficult to portray magic going against brawn and superhuman strength, expect the comic to defy expectations and surpass challenges.

Another interesting thing for the comic is the up-coming NBS series Constantine, which will further flesh-out John Constantine?s character. The third volume of the Injustice series is expected to roll out around September 30 this year.

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