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Injustice 2 To Add Wonder Woman Movie Costume, More DCEU Gear Possibly On The Way

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Wonder Woman’s film costume is coming to the game. [Image from Twitch]

Fans of the Wonder Woman movie should get hyped, as her attire is coming to Injustice 2 next week. This was shown on a recent stream, confirming that there will be more gear added to the game later on. It’s a nice reveal and ensures that fans will be playing this fighting game for some time, which is great.

Reddit is currently freaking out about the gear, along with the possibility of more DCEU-themed costumes coming to the game. Wonder Woman already looks great in the game, but seeing her in the film’s suit makes her look better. Since the Justice League film is coming out later this year, expect more movie-themed gear in the game’s bright future.

A True Wonder

The Wonder Woman movie gear will be available on the 29th in a Multiverse event, so level her up. Once the event is done, her gear will still be possible to get, but they will be random loot drops. Here is hoping that the same thing happens to other DCEU gear that is brought to the game.

Injustice: Gods Among Us also had DCEU costumes for Superman and DLC character General Zod, promoting Man of Steel. Mobile fans were also treated to a ton of DCEU costumes based on Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad. Fans are probably happy to see this trend continue in the sequel, so here is hoping for more DCEU gear.

Who’s Next?

Unless Cheetah makes a surprise appearance in the Wonder Woman movie, expect more Injustice 2 DCEU gear before November. The developers could add BvS attires for Batman and Superman, or even the Suicide Squad costume of Harley Quinn. Deadshot and Joker already look like they come from the movie, so there’s no need to give them that gear.

With DCEU gear confirmed for the game, fans are also hoping to see gear based on the CW DC shows. The game does have a ton of characters who appear on the CW shows, such as Green Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Captain Cold and Firestorm. Now that the Wonder Woman movie gear is official, it’s hard to say this won’t be happening, since it probably will.

Injustice 2 is available now on the PS4 and Xbox One, so fans of the fighting game genre should get it. The Wonder Woman movie gear event starts in May 29, so players should level up the Amazonian soon.

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